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Bathymetric Survey - to enable planning, dredge control etc. We have been carrying out Bathymetric Surveys for over 34 years and have built up a unique client base. Throughout our company life we have continually maintained a comprehensive stock of the latest navigational and echosounding equipment.

Side Scan Sonar Survey - for debris location and geophysical investigation. We strongly recommend the use of this technique, especially when the client requires the identification and location of an obstruction laying on the seabed. This obstruction could be a wreck, a cable, or in fact any significant object laying on or proud of the seabed.

Shallow Seismic Survey - the majority of our work in this field is during the early planning stages for dredging and pipeline installation projects. It is essential, if dredging is envisaged, that the client and consultant accurately estimate the cost of dredging.

Oceanographic Survey - this science can be applied to our routine field of hydrography in the form of dye tracing, drogue tracking, current metering, benthic testing etc. A major application of these surveys is in the early planning stages of effluent outfalls where recent legislation specifically demands high levels of investigation and modelling.

Pipe Route Survey - this type of survey plays a large part of Clydeside Surveys' investigative work. We utilise most other aspects of our work for Pipe Route Surveys.

Inshore Site Investigation - We can carry out CPT, benthic, PSD & ADCP surveys. Clydeside Surveys have extensive experience on inshore marine site investigation, especially in relation to pipe route and outfall design.

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