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Due to continued expansion Clydeside Surveys have recently purchased a substantial new industrial unit in Hillington Park. Close to the main M8 Motorway, 10 minutes from Glasgow City centre and just 5 minutes from Glasgow International Airport. We have room for three of our survey vessels and a large new office

Clydeside Surveys have awarded RESON a contract to upgrade their present SeaBat 7125 mounted on their Cheetah Marine build vessel to a SeaBat 7125-SV. The system will be used for shallow water hydrographic and engineering surveys in the UK and further afield

For two years running we have been awarded a major Hydrographic Survey contract, to survey 28 existing outfalls.
Our work includes Multibeam Bathymetry for locating the outfall diffusers and assesing any along-pipe damage; Topographic Survey of the beach sections to tie in the bathymetry;
Shallow Seismic Survey to assess the pipe burial depth;
Magnetometer Survey to locate the outfalls and
Cathodic Protection Surveys to assess the CP condition of the outfalls


We are delighted to confirm that we have recently purchased additional equipment to supplement our comprehensive stock. We are the first inshore survey company in the UK to purchase a Reson 8125 Multibeam Echosounder - Reson 8125 .
Before placing our order we investigated the alternatives and confirmed that the 8125 is by far the best tool for inshore multibeam bathymetry.

To enhance the Reson 8125 we have also purchased a CodaOctopus F185+
This is the latest tool from CodaOctopus and provides Roll, Pitch, Heave, Heading and RTK GPS Position, with INS capability for those areas where GPS tracking can be temporarily lost due to overhanging trees or cranes and even bridges.

We have also purchased a second Geometrics G-882 Magnetometer and Trimble R8 RTK/VRS Topographic Survey System

During the last 9 years, Clydeside Surveys have developed acoustic inspection systems, to enable thorough inspection of the quality of quaywall faces, thus avoiding the need for diving inspection, which has often proven to be ineffective and unreliable.
We use various techniques for providing our clients with easy to interpret reports, both in CAD and text format.
The results have been astounding and have enabled Clydeside Surveys to secure various contracts including a new annual inspection of a prime berthing facility.

We were honoured to be involved in what is described as the largest current civil engineering project in Europe.
Our client required a length of quaywall - dating back to the 1880's - to be inspected.
Due to the fact that the quaywall was over 2,500m long and the water visibility was less than 20cm, divers were considered not to be an option.
Clydeside Surveys were commissioned to carry out a close detail survey of the quaywall using multibeam bathymetry. However, a standard multibeam would not be ideal due to poor beam-width and resolution.
Instead we used the latest digital multibeam Reson 8125.
The results were spectacular, as the survey picked up cracks, deformation and even individual rungs of the ladders!

Clydeside Surveys and our associates are involved in an ongoing Hydrographic, Oceanographic and Environmental Survey of the River Dart in beautiful Devon.
The work consists of Bathymetry, ADCP current metering, RTK tidal station gauging, water quality sampling, sediment sampling, and modelling.

Clydeside Surveys recently carried out Hydrographic, Geophysical and Land Surveys in relation to the expansion and development of this, the main Scottish Port for ferry traffic to Ireland.
The project included Bathymetry, Magnetometry, RTK control and general topographic survey.

Belfast Harbour Commissioners awarded Clydeside Surveys the contract to carry out extensive singlebeam Pre Dredging Surveys and then 100% coverage multibeam Post Dredging Surveys to ensure the compliance of the dredging contractor to the strict specification.

The dredging contract involved the widening and deepening approximately 10Km of channel.
Due to the fact that some of the capital material to be dredged was Boulder Clay, it was essential that all the boulders were removed by the contractor.
Singlebeam Bathymetry is not the best tool for such an exercise, due to the narrow beam pattern of coverage.

We therefore utilised the latest and most accurate multibeam on the market - the Reson 8125.

We carried out the Post Dredge Survey of the whole channel in 1.5 days, gathering an enormous 2Gb of data !
Processing, including full QA, tidal application, editing, modelling and full CAD export in Matrix Format, took only 1 day further - thus supplying the client and the consulting engineer with accurate and dependable analysis on the condition of the channel and therefore able to issue concise and early instructions to the dredging contractor.

Thanks to the continued support of our customers and the tireless efforts of our staff, March 2003 saw the passing of our Silver Anniversary 25th year since the formation of Clydeside Surveys.

We are extremely proud of our achievements that has enabled our company to obtain the position of one of the most respected inshore hydrographic survey companies in the UK.

We have been in the forefront of utilising the latest and best technology has come to offer.
This, coupled with our innovative approach to challenging contracts, have ensured our continued advancement and loyalty of our clients.

The final thank you must go to our clients, who have supported our company throughout these years. Some of these clients have been with us the whole 33 years !

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