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Bathymetric Survey

Over the past 12 years we have been at the forefront of DGPS technology, providing our surveyors with all weather positioning to within +/- 0.02m - throughout the world.

Clydeside Surveys use the latest in automated software packages, which enables us to provide our clients with data far quicker and far more cost effectively than even a few years ago.

As we use the latest in mobile communications systems our surveys can be carried out, processed (including full QA) and transmitted to our client's own email server - all within 24 hours!

100% of our survey work is now produced under AutoCad and we can email a full drawing in DWG/DXF format in under 1 minute. This ensures our clients can carry out their own CAD design work, based on our survey results, in a far shorter period than has been possible in the past.

Our submissions are designed to be easy to interpret and include colour coded contouring at any required intervals, depth data, all available digital topographic data, the clients outline proposals and designs etc.

Much of our bathymetric survey work is in relation to navigational proving surveys and pre and post dredging surveys for which we can provide a professional and cost effective positioning and quantity evaluation service.

For 5 years we have been providing multibeam surveys for our clients. This system will provide accurate bathymetric data in a fraction of the time normally associated with post dredge surveys. The coverage is designed to be at least 100% and we have found the results to be at least as repeatable as single beam.

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