Specialist Hydrographic Surveyors

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Clydeside Hydrographic Survey

bathymetric surveys
Side Scan Sonar
side scan sonar surveys
Shallow Seismic
shallow seismic surveys
oceanographic surveys
Pipe Route
pipe route surveys
Site Investigation
inshore site investigation

Clydeside Surveys Limited specialise in all forms of hydrographic surveying including:

Bathymetric Surveys: to supply you with up to date bathymetry to enable planning, dredge control etc

Side Scan Sonar Surveys: for debris location and geophysical investigation

Shallow Seismic Surveys: seismic profiling to ascertain sub-bottom strata

Oceanography: if you require ADCP, current metering, dye tracing, drogue tracking

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Services : Equipment : Contact : Links : News : Home

Clydeside Surveys Limited, Unit 10, 19 Gordon Avenue, Hillington Park, Glasgow, G52 4TG
Telephone 0845 00 66 211