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Pipe Route Surveys

Pipe route surveys play a large part of Clydeside Surveys' investigative work. We utilise most other aspects of our work in pipe route projects such as bathymetric, side scan sonar, oceanographic and shallow seismic surveys.

Other tools and techniques we utilise for pipe route surveys are:

Jet Probing

The magnetometer is used to investigate sub-surface geology on the basis of anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field and locate man made objects on or below the seabed.

Objects high in ferrous or ferric compounds produce significant magnetic anomalies. We use our Geometrics G-881 marine magnetometer for this part of the survey works. The instrument incorporates a towed fish, which is sealed and leakproof and contains a total field sensor. The fish is towed at a sufficient distance from the survey vessel in order to nullify any magnetic effects that it may have.

The fish contains a fluid rich in hydrogen atoms, such as kerosene, surrounded by a coil. The instrument provides absolute readings of total magnetic field with a high resolution of at least 0.1 nT (nanoTesla) which is more than sufficient for this type of survey work. In operation, the instrument is towed at a known distance from the survey vessel with the surface measuring unit synchronised to the survey computer's clock.

All collected data is passed to the computer via an RS232 link and combined with positional data for later retrieval and assembly of an anomaly chart.

We use jet probing as a 'low-tech' tool to ascertain the depth to overburden laying on top of rock and/or hard clays. This technique is only suitable in relatively shallow water, but provides very useful data at a very economical cost.

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